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From:Tuesday, April 14, 2009 8:52 AM -0800
Subject:DHS&EM Daily Situation Report 09-104 for April 14, 2009 
Today’s Situation Report email contains the following attachments:
- DHS&EM Daily Situation Report for April 14, 2009
- Pandemic Influenza Incident Management Team weekly situation report
Changes to the Situation Report Format:
The DHS&EM Daily Situation Report (SitRep) format has been revised. It will also be disseminated differently than before. The SitRep will be attached to the distribution email as a .PDF file. The SitRep email will also contain other attachments from time to time, to include other agency situation reports, incident situation reports, updated DHS&EM contact information and other information that may be of interest to our emergency management partners and other SitRep recipients. These attachments will be described in the body of the email.
The contents of the SitRep will also be changing. We will be adding updates from other sections of DHS&EM in addition to the Operations section updates that previously comprised the bulk of the SitRep.