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From:Friday, April 3, 2009 1:00 PM -0800
Subject:DHS&EM 3 April 2009 Situation Report 09-093 

SITUATION REPORT 09-093 (as of 11:00 AM, 3 April 2009)

Homeland Security Advisory System – National Level:  Yellow-Elevated
Homeland Security Advisory System – Alaska Level:  Yellow-Elevated
Maritime Security (MARSEC) Level – Level I – Low.
Military installations in Alaska are at FPCON A.
State of Alaska Cyber Security Alert Level: Guarded
World Health Organization Pandemic Phase - Phase 3: No or very limited human-to-human transmission (An Influenza Pandemic situation report, which contains an explanation of the WHO Pandemic Phases, is attached to this situation report and updated every Tuesday)

State of Alaska Situation
(Updates to this section from previous Situation Report are in Italics.)

State of Alaska Situation
DHS&EM continues to closely monitor the Redoubt volcanic situation.

Alaska Volcano

Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE
The alert level and aviation color code has been lowered.  

Following is the AVO/USGS Volcanic Activity Notice, issued at 11:44 am today.

The eruption of Redoubt Volcano continues. Over the past several days, the intensity of ash-production has decreased. Current observations indicate a lava dome is growing in the summit crater. Therefore, the AVO lowered the alert level and aviation color code.

The 2009 eruption is now characterized by continuous emission of steam, volcanic gas, and variable amounts of ash. These processes are occurring as effusion of lava in the summit crater produces a lava dome. While at this level of activity, trace amounts of ash and a perceptible volcanic haze layer may be intermittently present throughout south-central Alaska.

A growing lava dome is inherently unstable; a sudden dome collapse or explosion can occur with no warning and produce a more voluminous ash cloud that rises to elevations above 25,000 feet. If such an event is detected, AVO would issue appropriate warnings.

For complete information please go to this website:  A new Volcano Activity Notice (VAN) will be issued if conditions change significantly or alert levels are modified. While a VAN is in effect, regularly scheduled updates are posted at http://www.avo.alaska.edu

Other links to updates and status of Redoubt Volcano activity:
- Significant aviation weather forecast/product updates link: http://pafc.arh.noaa.gov/volcano.php
- Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Blizzard Warning
Kodiak Island -- blizzard warning in effect from 8 am this morning to 10 pm this evening.

Other Useful link:
- Airport Flight Status (Anchorage) http://aia-mufids.dot.state.ak.us/
- Oil and Hazardous Substance Releases:  Photographs and spill information "Quick Links: Active Spill Responses":  http://www.state.ak.us/dec/spar/perp/index.htm 
- Road Information:  can be found at http://511.Alaska.gov/ or call 511.
- Weather: Current Public and Marine Hazards and Regional News http: http://www.arh.noaa.gov/

The Next Situation Report: will be published as of 11:00 am, 6 April 2009. A significant change in the situation or the threat level will prompt an interim report. Please direct questions regarding this report to the SECC at 907-428-7100 or secc@ak-prepared.com.

How to reach the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management: Phone the State Emergency Coordination Center (SECC) by dialing (907) 428-7100 or 1-800-478-2337, 24 hours per day.  Information on emergency topics is available on the Division's web site at http://www.ak-prepared.com.  Homeland Security information may be found at http://www.ak-prepared.com/homelandsecurity/

How to reach the Division of Administration – State Cyber Security Program:  If you have questions you may contact Darrell Davis, State Computer Security Officer darrel.davis@Alaska.gov.

For further information:
Being prepared: Ready.gov
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