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From:Friday, February 6, 2009 2:01 PM -0900
Subject:DHS&EM 6 February 2009 Situation Report 09-037 

SITUATION REPORT 09-037 (as of 11:00 AM, 6 February 2009)

Homeland Security Advisory System – National Level:  Yellow-Elevated
Homeland Security Advisory System – Alaska Level:  Yellow-Elevated
State Emergency Coordination Center Preparedness Level 1
Maritime Security (MARSEC) Level – Level I – Low.
Military installations in Alaska are at FPCON A.
State of Alaska Cyber Security Alert Level: Guarded
World Health Organization Pandemic Phase - Phase 3: No or very limited human-to-human transmission (An Influenza Pandemic situation report, which contains an explanation of the WHO Pandemic Phases, is attached to this situation report and updated every Tuesday)

State of Alaska Situation
(Updates to this section from previous Situation Report are in Italics.)

Alaska Volcano
DHS&EM along with Alaska Volcano Observatory and the National Weather Service staff are closely monitoring Redoubt Volcano.  In the event of a significant eruption or significant change in Redoubt’s status, DHS&EM will initiate appropriate notices and a follow-on teleconference in accordance with the Alaska Interagency Operating Plan for Volcanic Ash Episodes.

Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) Weekly Update
Friday, February 6, 2009 1:05 PM AKST

Redoubt Volcano
Volcano Alert Level: WATCH
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE
Unrest at Redoubt Volcano continues, though no eruption has yet occurred. Seismic activity at the volcano remains above background levels and has waxed and waned over the last week. Yesterday from 11:18 to about 16:00 AKST, there were several periods of more intense seismic tremor. Since then, nearly continuous low-level seismic tremor has been recorded.

Clear web camera images currently show no activity at the volcano. Observers on overflights during the past week reported intermittent steam plumes from the area of the 1989-90 lava dome, continued melting of the upper Drift glacier, and increased water discharge along the lower Drift glacier and into the Drift River. Airborne gas measurements on January 31 and February 2 recorded levels of the magmatic gas CO2 several times greater than the value recorded on November 2, 2008.

Gas and heat flux, combined with ongoing seismic activity, suggest that new magma has been emplaced within the crust below Redoubt and that it is actively degassing. We do not know the exact depths or volume of the magma; nor is it certain that the magma will continue to rise to the surface. On the basis of current activity, however, the most likely scenario is an eruption similar to or smaller than the 1989-90 eruption. It is somewhat less likely that no eruption will occur or that the volcano has an eruption larger than that of 1989-90.

AVO personnel installed two new seismic instruments near Redoubt over the past week, and improved signals coming in from the Redoubt seismic network at AVO's facility in Homer.

Staff continues to monitor the volcano 24 hours a day. We will issue further information as it becomes available.

Shishaldin and Cleveland Volcanoes
Current Aviation Color Code: YELLOW
Current Volcano Alert Level: ADVISORY

Please see http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/activity/alertsystem/index.php for more information about aviation color codes and volcano alert levels.

More information about Redoubt Volcano can be found at http://www.avo.alaska.edu/activity/Redoubt.php

Winter Storm Warning
The National Weather Service in Juneau has issued a winter storm warning for the following:

- Glacier Bay including Gustavus.  Winter storm warning in effect until 6 pm this afternoon. Expect 4 to 8 inches of new snowfall through 6 pm. Rain will begin to mix with snow this afternoon before changing to all rain tonight.

- Misty Fjords including Hyder. Winter storm warning in effect until 3 am Saturday. Expect 4 to 8 inches of new snowfall through 6 pm.

- Eastern Chichagof Island, Juneau Borough and Northern Admiralty Island including Hoonah and Juneau. Winter storm warning remains in effect until 6 pm this afternoon. Expect 4 to 8 inches of new snowfall through 6 pm. Rain will begin to mix with snow from the south this afternoon before changing to all rain tonight.

- Haines Borough and Lynn Canal including Haines. Winter storm warning remains in effect until 3 am Saturday. Expect 3 to 5 inches of snowfall today then an additional 5 to 10 inches of snowfall tonight. Storm total snowfall will be 8 to 15 inches with the highest snowfall amounts near the border.

- Taiya Inlet and Klondike Highway including Skagway. Winter storm warning remains in effect from 6 pm this evening to 3 am Saturday. Expect 1 to 3 inches of snowfall today then an additional 4 to 8 inches of snowfall tonight with 10 to 16 inches near White Pass.

Useful link:
Airport Flight Status (Anchorage) http://aia-mufids.dot.state.ak.us/
Air Quality Advisories & Alerts: http://www.dec.state.ak.us/air/am/aq_sr.htm
Oil and Hazardous Substance Releases:  Photographs and spill information "Quick Links: Active Spill Responses":  http://www.state.ak.us/dec/spar/perp/index.htm 
Road Information:  can be found at http://511.Alaska.gov/ or call 511.
Volcano:  Current Volcano information: http://www.avo.alaska.edu
Aviation color codes and Volcano alert levels: http://www.avo.alaska.edu/color_codes.php
Weather: Current Public and Marine Hazards and Regional News http: http://www.arh.noaa.gov/

The Next Situation Report: will be published as of 11:00 am, 9 February 2009. A significant change in the situation or the threat level will prompt an interim report. Please direct questions regarding this report to the SECC at 907-428-7100 or secc@ak-prepared.com.

How to reach the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management: Phone the State Emergency Coordination Center (SECC) by dialing (907) 428-7100 or 1-800-478-2337, 24 hours per day.  Information on emergency topics is available on the Division's web site at http://www.ak-prepared.com.  Homeland Security information may be found at http://www.ak-prepared.com/homelandsecurity/

How to reach the Division of Administration – State Cyber Security Program:  If you have questions you may contact Darrell Davis, State Computer Security Officer darrel.davis@Alaska.gov.

For further information:
Being prepared: Ready.gov
Countries:              U.S. State Department Background Notes.
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