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From:Monday, January 14, 2008 11:04 AM -0900
Subject:DHS&EM 14 January 2008 Situation Report 08-014 

SITUATION REPORT 08-014 (as of 11:00 AM, January 14, 2008)

Homeland Security Advisory System – National Level:  Yellow-Elevated
Homeland Security Advisory System – Alaska Level:  Yellow-Elevated
Maritime Security (MARSEC) Level – Level I – Low.
Military installations in Alaska are at FPCON A.
State of Alaska Cyber Security Alert Level: Guarded
World Health Organization Pandemic Phase - Phase 3: No or very limited human-to-human transmission (An Influenza Pandemic situation report, which contains an explanation of the WHO Pandemic Phases, is attached to this situation report and updated every Tuesday)

Threat Level Changes
No change.

State of Alaska Situation
(Updates to this section from previous Situation Report are in Italics)

Rural Alaska Fuel Shortages
The SECC continues to work with communities in rural Alaska that are facing fuel shortages and/or power generation problems.  The SECC is working with local, state and federal agencies and other organizations to ensure that the situation in these communities does not reach the point of becoming a disaster emergency.
Blizzard Warning
Kuskokwim Delta including the Cities of Bethel, Hooper Bay and Nunivak Island.  The National Weather Service in Anchorage has issued a blizzard Warning which is in effect from midnight tonight to 10 am Tuesday. A strong weather front will cross the Kuskokwim Delta tonight through Tuesday morning. Winds of 20 to 35 mph with gusts 50 to 65 mph will combine with snowfall to create blizzard conditions from midnight tonight through mid Tuesday morning. The strongest winds will be west of Bethel. Winds and snow will diminish late Tuesday morning as the weather front moves north of the area.

Current weather warnings and watches for Alaska can be found at the following National Weather Service web site:  http://www.arh.noaa.gov/

DOT&PF Road Information:  can be found at http://511.Alaska.gov/ or by calling 511.

Homeland Security

Online Banking Fraud Alert – KeyBank. There is an email going around that supposedly comes from “Key Bank” that says “Periodic Account Update” in the subject line – it is a phishing scam so please be aware and do not click on the “Sign On” link.~ Emails were sent this morning – as it doesn’t have any virus signature on it, your scanner will not classify it as dangerous because one must click the link to cause the problems to start. If clicked, it takes you to a fake website from placeAsia and causes havoc with your computer.  Source: 10 Jan 2008, Open source contact.

Mexican soldiers found invading United States. There were dozens of armed incursions by Mexican soldiers and police into the United States during Fiscal Year 2007 according to a federal report. "These documents not only show the dangerous and chaotic situation at the Mexican border, but also the complicity of some Mexican government agents in violating U.S. law," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "The U.S. government must begin to take these incidents more seriously, publicize them and take measures to bring the crisis at our border under control," he said. The report documents incidents such as the one at the Fort Hancock Station in El Paso. "[Troopers] attempted to apprehend three vehicles believed to be smuggling contraband on I-10 … As the vehicles approached the border, [troopers] stated that a Mexican Military Humvee armed with a .50 caliber weapon and several soldiers were seen assisting smugglers return to Mexico … Officers then noticed several armed subjects dressed in fatigue type clothing unload the contraband into the Humvee. These subjects set fire to the stalled vehicle before leaving the area." Of the 29 documented instances in 2007, 17 involved armed Mexican government agents. Such "incursions" have been documented in sectors including CitySan Diego, CityEl Centro, CityYuma, CityTucson, CityEl Paso, Mafa, Lareda and CityplaceMcAllen.  Source: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59611

New Rules for Driver's Licenses Meant to Deter Terrorists, Illegal Immigrants. Americans born after Dec. 1, 1964, will have to obtain more secure driver's licenses in the coming six years under new security regulations to be announced Jan. 11 by federal authorities. The Homeland Security Department has spent years creating the final rules for the REAL ID Act, a law intended to make it tougher for illegal migrants, terrorists, and scammers to obtain government-issued identifications. The government intends to phase in a secure-identification measure that Congress approved in 2005. The Homeland Security Department wants to have a 2011 deadline, by which time federal officials hope every state will be in compliance, and then additional measures would be implemented in 2014.  Source: Associated Press (01/11/08) (go to web site)

Pacific Rim
(Nothing at this time)

African Hot Spots Worst Hit as Piracy Surges 10 Percent. According to the International Maritime Bureau, piracy rose 10 percent last year, with a sharp increase in incidents in Somalia and Nigeria. The number of hijackings rose from 14 to 18 last year, with over 290 crew members kidnapped and over 60 kidnapped and held for ransom. The situation in Somalia improved after a coalition of naval forces from the region were sent to monitor the waters off the nation's coast, according to officials. However, the situation in Nigeria may be more volatile with the conflict between the government and rebels on the rise and merchant shipping vessels consistently caught in the middle. About 25 incidents in 2007 were in the vicinity of Lagos. Experts, however, are more concerned about the increased use of violence, including assaults, injuries, and gun usage.  Source:  Lloyd's List (01/08) P. 4 (go to web site)

The Next Situation Report: will be published as of 11:00 AM, January 15, 2008. A significant change in the situation or the threat level will prompt an interim report. Please direct questions regarding this report to the SECC at 907-428-7100 or secc@ak-prepared.com.

How to reach the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management: Phone the State Emergency Coordination Center (SECC) by dialing (907) 428-7100 or 1-800-478-2337, 24 hours per day.  Information on emergency topics is available on the Division's web site at http://www.ak-prepared.com.  Homeland Security information may be found at http://www.ak-prepared.com/homelandsecurity/

How to reach the Division of Administration – State Cyber Security Program:  If you have questions you may contact Darrell Davis, State Computer Security Officer darrel.davis@Alaska.gov.

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